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Monday, August 14, 2017

😭#jichangwook enlists today as active duty in serviceπŸ‘❤

He said goodbyes to fans as he enlists today.

πŸ˜­πŸ˜¦πŸ’” it's gonna take a while until his return but i will be waiting...

#leejoon #jungsomin My OTP Look Good Together. Chincha!πŸ˜»πŸ’‹πŸ‘πŸ’‘πŸ’š

I am waiting if this will turn into REAL!πŸ˜πŸ’‘πŸ‘€πŸ˜€

Here I go again shipping so hard!πŸ˜‚

Thursday, August 10, 2017

#kimjunghyun My Eye Candy @the MomentπŸ’•πŸ˜€

Who would have thought that I would find myself really looking forward to watch #school2017?

Hmmm...well I guess the drama has a nice plot and I am enjoying the light scenes but the best reason is because I found my eye candy of the moment!
Yup! Kim Jung Hyun is totally stealing hearts of young girls but here I am jumping on the wagon!

He was spectacular and already a scene stealer in #hong:therebelthief. But I was surprised how he can be bad boy and a tsundere at the same time in this highschool drama. With #kimsejeong as his leading lady the two are making me wanting so bad to ship them on and off cam.πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

But back to my eye candy...

Ohh...I love these set of photos where uri Tae Woon is shirtless showing his sezy body that is so H.O.T!😝

Yeah...truly...seriously...chincha chincha eye candy.

And then he can also be nice and look sweet and innocent?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š


Monday, August 7, 2017

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(Mslee's thoughts) Save Me episode 2

The drama heightens the intrigue...

The writer has written a powerful story about bullying and consequences of the sufferings and pains of dealing humiliation. The drama has shown a strong message on the subject that should come across clearly to parents and children. The writer and PDnim both did an excellent job in telling viewers how far this kind of things can go and damage self esteem of a weak individual that can lead to early death which oftens finds its way as a solution to suffering kids.

Im Sang Mi has shown that she can be strong... But not strong enough to deal with a different kind of bullying which is sexual harrassment and intimidation from adults. She can withstand enough but still can keep her silence when she knows it is dangerous and not something even her parents can help her with under the circumstances. I think this is a message that should not be overlooked by parents watching this drama. That they must be vigilant and observant of their children to make them feel secure and feel protected.

Sang Mi's circumstances can be understood if he ran away from troubles and fight. I think he is more concerned for his mother than what his father would do or think if he do otherwise. I am really curious as to what happened to his mother and if it has any connection to the leader of the church.

Dong Cheol has shown thatbhe can be trusted in need. But i do wonder how far he can protect his friendship with Sang Hwa who belongs to a wealthy family and surely out of his league. Will there be feud coming between them that will concern Sang Mi.

Death often makes family stronger. How will Sang Jin's death affect the family and their faith?

Love the drama so far. Eye openner and really shows the reality of what's to happen when one can not overcome bullying. OCN really is amazing in showing good quality drama. Every aspect so far of the drama is great. Veteran actors are all jjangπŸ‘!

Can't wait for upcoming episodes.


Sunday, August 6, 2017

(Mslee's thoughts) Save Me Episode 1

#saveme ep 1

Well what to expect when this drama premiered via OCN? I thought I was watching a movie. The pacing is like in a movie, the cinematography is nice and the characters' introduction was well played. There is enough mystery to keep the interest of the viewers without really spoiling more about the details of the coming events in the story.

The background story of the family who suddenly left Seoul has not yet been revealed which adds more to the suspense and thrill of the story. I wonder if the tea that is being served to guests of the high priest of the congregation is something that makes people join the organization.

I think how the drama depicts the religious theme of the story is okay and can be seen in actual true gatherings on how their worship services are also being done. I guess the misbehaviour that has been shown in one or two of the scenes will be the wickedness attached to the organization's malpractices of the leader and the right winged man which is strange that will lead to more disastrous events.

Most of the times we should trust our instincts in this kind of situation or scenario which we find uncomfortable. But then Sang Mi's (Seo Ye Ji) silence was a major factor in the evens to follow.

I do wonder about Sang Hwan (ok taec yeon) and Dong Cheol ( woo do hwan) friendship. It seems that Sang Mi will have both boys feel romantically towards her.

Looking forward to episode 2.


Saturday, July 29, 2017

(Mslee's thoughts) Criminal Minds First Impression...K Version

#criminalminds korea remake...

Not a fan of the US original series so I am not familiar with the characters which I understand Korean version also has. Though the theme of the drama need no further explanation and I was interested to watch especially with Lee Jun Ki and Son Hyun Joo as leads.

First impression.... Well I do understand that this is a drama about profiling criminals and how to uncover how their minds work. I feel there are still some scenes which were somehow lacking with regards to solving the mystery. Or when Moon Chae Won's character where hurt and she still came with Lee Jun Ki in pursuing the criminal. Well that was a nasty wound being stabbed on her upper left chest and seriously needed medical treatment. Guess as lead female she has had to be in that scene with male lead. Or am I asking too much reality check in this drama?

Son Hyun Joo's acting was very good as usual. I think for 2 episodes he did very well. Lee Jun Ki is also being naturally good which is not a surprise but I am expecting more of course as this is not a sageuk where he is at his best always.

Other side characters are not impressing me much.. Maybe a few more episodes and all cast will have that nice chemistry I am looking for. Anyway some reminded me of IRIS and Athena characters in their first few episodes too.

Maybe because I have watched some crime dramas and there was one in OCN with same plots like Missing Noir M and just feel that I was impressed with the latter when it comes to the writing and flow of he story.

Will still continue to watch. For first thoughts I would say the drama Criminal Minds is okay... Just not as what I am expecting it to be.


(Mslee's thoughts) Queen for Seven Days - Tears for the King But Dagger for Her Husband?

#queenforsevendays eps 17&18 brought tears and sadness to viewers.😭

After all the pains and sacrifices and waiting... In the end Chae Gyung chose to blame Yeok for what happened to her parents. Yes she was heartbroken for their deaths but it was something that could not be helped if she really knew her father and what he was fighting for. He was so loyal to the King that he was ready to abandon her as his daughter the time they spoke to each other before she left with Yeok. 

I am just sorry to see her going all out in understanding the King and his pains even though she already witnessed his cruelty first hand and how obsessed he was in killing her husband. But she could not give Yeok the same understanding when it was time for him to be the king which was his birthright given to him by his own father thru the secret letter that she also knew and even kept. Even before Yeok got to fight with his brother for the throne..she was already thinking what choice she would make. Again ...this somehow disappointed me because this showed how she was not 100% behind in supporting her husband. 

I truly wondered if she loved Yeok as much as she declared? Then why question the King about the time he ordered her marriage to the prince which she thought was the King's fault why she became Yeok's wife? Was she really not intending to marry Yeok if there was no order? Well maybe... But then will she be willing to be the King's woman if she was summoned then by the King instead of marrying the prince? These were thoughts that came after watching her conversation with the King when she was buying time before the rebels came to the palace.

Was she in love with both? The writer was very vague in this subject. Chae Gyung seemingly has conflicted heart between brothers.

I feel sad for Yeok. His intension was pure and basically put his wife and mother first in whatever decisions he make. Still his wife was never satisfied and puts blame on him in the end. I guess just like her father..she wanted to be a loyal subject to the heartless King despite everything she has witnessed and suffered in his hands. She never really see the need why Yeok has to be King unlike the people around them who believe in Yeok. Even after Seo Noh died in vain Chae Gyung was able to understand the King😭😭😭

I do believe that this is the time to really say goodbye to her as the queen. When she could not support the King who is her husband but willing to kill him inspite of his loyalty and love to her. Yeah... Feel the pain of the previous King and betray your husband. Just so sad. So sad.😩😩😩

The acting was great. Lee Dong Gun was amazing. Yeon Woo Jin was equally superb. He made me cry. His gentleness as Yeok was truly heartwarming. Even in the end he was not able to physically harm his brother. His humanity is admirable. As for Park Min Young she delivered her character that is worth praising.

Finally I accepted the fate of this drama. There will be no happy moments anymore. But i am looking forward to an ending that will still make this drama hauntingly beautiful.πŸ˜‰