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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

(GIF) episode 3 BECAUSE THIS IS MY FIRST LIFE - Highlights

The drama continues to unfold the story of these two main couple. He who is looking for a perfect roommate and she who is looking for a space where she can be comfortable, something where she can call her place.

But this is bizarre!  chincha!
Not in her wildest dreams did she anticipated this kind of proposal. Or has she heard it right? Maybe not? well... 

Se Hee asked Ji Ho if she has time to marry him!
unexpected proposal!

But she was caught surprised by his proposal she asked him again. She was perplexed to say the least. She was confused. Does he likes her?
No..he is just looking for someone who fits his criteria. 
But never mind..he is not asking again.

She was supposed to leave but she came back. No more buses at that time. She had nowhere to go. And she badly wants to sleep.

Funny thing was that he dare to lock his door!

She was supposed to sleep only for two hours and set her phone alarm for 5am. But she made a mistake. she set it on 5pm. So she slept the whole day and when she woke up she had no idea of the time.
She thought Se Hee was mocking her or making her feel stupid when he arrived home and saw her.  

But it really is 5pm!

They talk about why he proposed to her. He thought she was someone like him. But she although not thinking of marriage, she was of course thinking about more than sharing a house with a stranger when it comes to marriage.

Somehow I like these two..
but she seems more into him than he into her..?
coz girls find him cute!

when friends are there for each other..
love how these two are taking care of Ji Ho.

she has no place to go but she is welcome to stay here..at Ji Soo's place.

this is a scene I was anticipating!
they met again!

but seems they had a past!
and she can't even remember him!
did they sleep together or not?


time to say she quits..
they were asking her to forgive this son of a ****!
after almost molesting her!
some things are forgvable..
somethings are not..

even if it caused her her job!
she had to stand up for herself...

noraebang is a must when you are depressed or out of work!
that is kdrama!

Ji Ho's luggage went back to his place...

she was there to collect her things..
but his mother came with him she had to hide..
they were talking about his blind date..
he should marry
according to his mother...

they talk again
about marriage...

she learned he needs her
that is why he asked her about marrying him..

not about love but needing her because it is her.
she meets his criteria in a roommate.
but because it is her.

I guess fate is really tying them up to be together...
he went to see her on the bus because he thought she forgot to take her script with her not knowing she intentionally left them.

time is running out before the bus takes off...
she asked him this time...

will he marry her?


Or so she thought.

Romance will definitely catch them!
And it will be entertaining to watch how they will fall for each other.



[screencaps] Man Who Sets The Table episode 10 Highlights


His father found out about the child. He told him she is his daughter but his father is skeptical . He does not trust his son's ex girlfriend.

RuRi's mother tried to hide the fact that her son has a second home but it is already too late. They already knew.

and they will go there ASAP!

flashback from when he met his son's ex girlfriend...

she knew she will not marry his son because he does not want her to be his daughter in law.

RuRi continue to suffer in her workplace.
and Tae Yang just stand back looking at her. she can't ask help from him.

her pride has been receiving insults but she is still enduring...

if only I can pull her hair!


she wanted to give up..
she is giving up!
poor girl...

but Tae Yang told her to endure..
that this will be an experience she would never forget and will make her strive to succeed..

when trying to keep the child quiet because people are outside the unit...
his wife..
his in laws
his daughter in law...

but then chaos starts already...

they pulled the innocent woman's hair!
now they are apologizing ....

is it Anna or not?

but she saw him there looking at her...

it must be her..
will their past be revealed soon?

time for some sweet scenes...

she did not give up!

ok..stop teasing the girl!
just kiss her!

time to see if this child is his granddaughter..
he went to see her mother at the prison cell...

he still did not believe her...

but she is feisty..
she threatens to expose his son and end his career..

coincidence or fate?

these two are also at the hospital ...

and they saw him with a child...


i wonder what will happen?
will they realize whose child that girl is?
or will they assume something else?